You Just Don't Get It

Allow myself to inroduce... myself. 44K

You just don't get it, do you? 39K

Well if that is a woman she looks like she was beaten with an ugly stick. 37K

Doctor Evil, i didn't spend 6 years in evil medical school to become Mr., thank you very much. 66K

Get away from me you lazy-eyed psycho! 22K

Alright people, you have to tell me these things, I've been frozen for thrity years, throw me a frickin bone here. 98K

Maybe someday I'd like to be a vet.
An evil vet?
I could work in a petting zoo
An evil petting zoo?
You always do that!

Sounds From So I Married an Axe Murderer:

Father: Head! Pants! Now! 21K

The Father and one of his conspiracy theories 398K

The Father making fun of his big-headed son, Head 210K

The Father making fun of his son again 250K