Villains! I say to you...knock off all that evil!

I hate broccoli, yet... 56K

the origin of "Spoon!" 265K

The Tick proving his tickness 1meg

Gravity is a harsh mistress 51K

'You are here,' being here is a lot like being lost 286K

Isn't sanity just a one trick pony?... 170K

Woooo, good monkey. 43K

Is this a warm moment, or should we be disturbed? 42K

Stop this rough-housing before someone gets hurt and ends up crying 75K

Whoa, I just had this wierd dream... 135K

Let the probing begin! 28K

This looks like a job for legal tender! 124K

Evil Midnight Bomber that Bombs at Midnight: You'll never prove a thing copper! I'm just a part time electritian. I, I,...Bad is Good Baby, Down With Government!!! 75K

Tick reading mail: You have been chosen for.. Yes! I've been chosen! 85K

Time to take off the kid gloves...and put on the very mad gloves! 79K

I don't know the meaning of the word surrender! Well I know it, I'm not dumb... 281K

Oh I get it, spelling America with a 'K' are we? 21K

Yes! I'm doing laundry! 24K

I get it, this is one of those thinking problems isn't it 23K

Spaceman explaining the 'Speed of Lint' 207K